To produce best quality beers, we are firm believers that you have use the best quality ingredients. As such, we take great care and pride in our choice of all are suppliers.

MALTS: The malts for our beers are sourced from Warminster Maltings in Wiltshire, Crisp Maltings and, occasionally, Weyermann Maltings in Bavaria.

HOPS: We only use ‘whole leaf’ hops (not hop pellets) in our beers which are mainly supplied by Charles Faram Ltd.

YEAST: We only use ‘wet yeast’ in the production of our beers. For many years, our yeast was acquired from Thwaites Brewery until the ceased production in 2015. We then developed our own yeast strain, based upon the profile of the original Thwaites yeast. This yeast strain is still operational. We also complement this with yeast acquired from Lancaster Brewery.

WATER: The water supply in our area can vary in hardness from soft to moderately soft. Hard water is best suited to the production of real ale including bitters, IPA’s and stouts. As such, we ‘burtonise’ our water as part of the brewing process – as do most other real ale brewers. In its simplest form, ‘burtonisation’ consists of adding sulphate (usually in the form of gypsum) to the water used for brewing beer to bring out the flavour of hops. Historically it was believed that beers brewed in Burton upon Trent were superior to beers brewed in other parts of England and so it became common practice to try to reproduce the mineral content of ‘hard’ Burton water in other parts of the country.

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